About Us

SCOPE  (society for career Oriented programme and education)is  an ISO 9001:2008 Certified National IT development organisation, which is  registered under   S.R.Act XXI of  1860  vide Regd.No. 21223/26 (01-02) BY Govt. of Orissa & an Institutional member of  Computer Society of India, Mumbai vide Institutional No 100739, Beside this Scope is also an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Computer Organisation which is  dedicated to the enhancement of  income generation potential in the youth by providing quality training in field of Technical, Vocational, Computers and communication to adopt the requirements of the industry and company.

The mission of ISO is to promote development of standardization  and related activities in the world with a view to facilitating the international  exchange of goods and servicesand to developing the co-operation in the sphere of intellectual, scientific technological and economic activities.

ISO means  The international Standardization for Organisation ISO is a trademark which gives you a shape to  your Career,conceptual studies with best faculties which give the best direction.ISO certified Organisation Adding value to your Certificate with a legal validity  .By this certificate you can be recognized globally.

SCOPE was started its Education & IT Services  as a computer institute in the year 2001-2002 with a mission to spread the awareness about the necessity of computer education in our daily life & to create a group of  trained professionals. We got a lot of appreciation from the mass for spreading computer literacy in the state of orissa.

In the year 2007, SCOPE  had undergone a transformation from SCOPE  Computer Education to SCOPE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY for imparting new concepts & ideas in the field of education and IT services. We brought up a revolution in the IT field of Orissa by offering quality services at the most affordable costs. SCOPE offers its students the finest opportunity for a rewarding career.

Unemployment is the paramount problem in India Today, which is at the root of almost every antisocial activities ,be it petty crime or organised terrorism.
This is why the policy of the Government to provide finest education to the best and brightest in the formal Institution of Administration ,Computers Engineering, Medicine leaving the mass of average youth the general education that of no use in obtaining employment.

SCOPE, offers most comprehensive range of training courses in the nation designated to prepare a student to the standard of Indian Industries in the field of Electronics Television and Videos, Computer Hardware, software and Networking, Secretarial Practice, English language etc.